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We research, extract insights and make recommendations based on established criteria.

A successful business is one that is based on the demands of the customer rather than the whim of its owner

Content Research


Subject Relevancy

Is the subject-matter that you have chosen relevant, and are people searching for it?

Keyword Research

What are the Primary and Related Keywords that need to be targeted for SEO efficiency?

Search Queries

What kind of questions are people asking around the subject on search engines and forums?

Competitor Info

Who are your competitors and how do you compare to them in headers, content & keywords, links & images?

Search Volume

What is the volume of the number of searches made a month on average for your targeted keywords?

Content Brief

Do you have a base point to start off the article from? We provide a content brief for idea generation.

What Is Involved

Writing new content for your blog and social channels might be challenging enough, what can however be more disturbing is to discover that the written content was not in demand in the first place. The sad truth is that most bloggers and writers never bother to conduct any research prior to writing. In today's competitive online world, this is nothing less than a disaster.

We help you monitor the Internet and conduct research through our advanced formulas and methodology through our 'Content Research' package.

Let’s take an example. Say you are a dietician and you want to write a blog on supplements. You go ahead and write an article on ‘the importance of taking supplements’. However, the problem is that you have just decided to write out an article without taking into account what your potential customers actually want or are searching for!

You were targeting the question, ‘Is the taking of supplements important?’ but the search was far greater for ‘What supplements should I take?', as majority may already have been convinced about the first issue.
Consider seriously, is there any benefit in writing answers to questions no one is asking? Or catering to a very small number of search queries whilst ignoring the huge numbers asking a completely different question around the same topic?

More than ever before it has become paramount that you conduct research on what is to be written, because:

[i] the internet has become ever more competitive, and, as a result,

[ii] your article maybe be lost in the ocean of similar write-ups as there was no demand to start with.

In order to rise above others, you must be noticed - and to be noticed you must respond to the questions that are being asked and address the pain points that are being raised.

In brief, you need to consider the following points:

1. Is the subject-matter relevant and are people searching for it?

2. What is the search volume of this topic that you wish to write about and broadcast? I.e., what is the volume of the number of searches made a month on average?

3. What kind of questions are people asking around the subject? As you may be targeting completely different ones.

4. What are the primary and secondary keywords that you need to be targeting?

5. Who are your competitors in the domain that you are targeting?

6. How are you comparing to your competitors?

7. How can you borrow ideas from your competitors? (Surely there’s a reason why they are ranking so high?)

8. You need to have direct access to such critical competitor information as:

a] Who are the top ranking competitors?

b] What headers are they using to attract searches, as well as how many?

c] How many images are they using on average?

d] What information constitutes the bulk of their articles?

e] How many times are vital keywords being used in their articles (as compared to yours)?

f] What Stats are featured in their articles?

Seriously, is there any benefit in writing answers to questions no one is asking?

Our strategy is as follows


Through our Content Calendar Template, you will inform us of key information such as your target topic as well as the primary (and any related keywords) you wish to target for your content. At this stage we may provide you with suggestions, like the choice of keywords, etc.

We extract insights and make recommendations based on established criteria


Based around your target area and chosen keywords we will conduct research and provide you with the following analyses:

1. Who are your top ranking competitors?
2. What headers (and how many) are they using?
3. How many images are they using on average?
4. What is the average word count of articles on the target topic?
5. What questions are being asked around your target topic?
6. How many times are vital keywords being used in the articles?
7. What Stats are featured in the articles?

This approach will allow you to fully leverage the power of research to deliver targeted content to your prospects and customers


Once you have prepared your article, you will submit it to us (via the platform we have assigned to you). We will then reanalyse it to see whether it meets the standard guidelines, as well as seeing how it squares with the competition (in your target area).

Questions around the topic

We will research and give you the questions people are actually asking on distinguished Q & A forums. This can be from popular and established sites as well as distinguished Question & Answer Forums. These sites will be the high-ranking ones on Google.

You can then write your content around those questions. You can even add these questions to your content (and answer them) in order that your content is aligned with the trends, rather than create your own versions of these.

Content brief

We will also produce condensed content for your article through scraping the best sources. After all, these sites are being ranked so high for a reason! The information we provide can then be leveraged to create content that engages your audience.

This will not only provide a baseline or an idea generation point for you to start from, but will also reveal to you the approach of your competitors which they are using to rank as high as they are doing. You can then choose to use the same to bring your content in line with theirs.

We extract insights and make recommendations based on Established Criteria